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May we proudly introduce to you: A brand new ten-piece photoset available as of now!

Broken - 50 Shades Of Red.jpg

Broken: Red Light Amsterdam

by Marius Vieth


"Here's the story: I accidentally smashed my $1,600 lens after taking it ouf of my backpack. Since I always look on the bright side of things, I saw this as a challenge to grow. Let's create a set with a broken cam that can't focus anymore. This is what I came up with:

A trippy & abstract photo set dipped in red about broken characters captured with a broken lens by a former broken soul

I took this set in the drug-filled, sex-addicted veins of the most liberal city on earth: Amsterdam! An incredibly intense 3-week journey of getting to know all drug dealers and sex workers personally, feeling the liberating, but sometimes rather creepy vibe on the streets and eventually being accepted as the creative soul of this unique district."