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A timeless stage for excellent photography: It's finally here!

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We are so proud to present to you the very first worldwide issue of NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography. A magazine with the purpose to serve as a timeless stage for excellent photography from international fine art photographers from all sorts of backgrounds and countries. It’s available and presented all around the world.

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Gear Avoidance Syndrome: It Might Be Healthy For Your Photography

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GAS, also known as Gear Acquisition Syndrome, is very common among photographers. It simply means that you just can't get enough new lenses, equipment and upgrade your cam as soon as possible in order to have more options and - according to the seemingly prevalent opinion - become better.

But have you ever thought about the opposite side of this imaginary disease - the Gear Avoidance Syndrome? A syndrome that might even be good for you and your photography. And your wallet.

The Underestimated Magic Of Mobile Photography

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„The best camera is the one that is with you.“

...or so they say. Unfortunately I don’t remember who said this, but the quote stuck in my head every since I heard it for he first time. And I think it’s just dead-on.

Oftentimes I find myself leaving my camera at home, running across a unique scene that just has to be captured. The moment is just too beautiful to stay undocumented. In these situations my iPhone saved the day so many times.