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From the Talentpool to signed Artists

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NEOPRIME emerged from the international photographic community and will always stay at the heart of it. That’s why we are especially interested in passionate photographers from all around the world who share their work online.

One of our most important ways to discover incredible new talents, is our NEOPRIME: Talentpool. Everyone who loves photography and is interested in getting signed by our label can submit two outstanding shots per week. If a certain signature constantly stands out in the mass of photos, we may offer that photographer to get signed.

John Westrock and Grant Hugh Jones are two of those talents we discovered through the Talentpool. After a while we just couldn’t overlook their amazing shots anymore and reached out to them. John convinced us with his fresh and exciting approach to nature and cityscape photography, while Grant simply mastered the minimalist surreal take on seascape photography. They both loved the idea of becoming a part of NEOPRIME and we are more than happy to have them. We are also very proud to see that we already sold artworks of them in the NEOPRIME ARTMARKET

John Westrock

For John, photography and exploration go hand in hand. He loves to go hiking in the mountains, through foggy forests or explore dry arid regions. So if you are ready to experience John’s very own style of breathtaking landscapes and urban sceneries, you’ll love it.


Grant Hugh Jones

Grant is a Glasgow-based photographer who loves to take extended trips to the Scottish Highlands where he camps to capture special light. During his many stays he developed his very own deep and mysterious signature.


So far 313 photographers from all over the world have submitted more than 3000 photos to the Talentpool. You are interested in getting signed and selling your best photos as signed and limited museum quality prints in the art market? Then head over to our Talentpool and show us what you got! We are looking forward to it!