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A timeless stage for excellent photography: It's finally here!

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We are so proud to present to you the very first worldwide issue of NEOPRIME Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Just think about it: only a little more than a year ago, this magazine was merely a dream. Even the label didn’t even exist back then. After countless sleepless nights and overworked months we were finally ready to found NEOPRIME International Fine Arts in May 2014 - with this magazine in mind.

Driven by our deep love for fine art photography, we’ve dedicated every day ever since to show the world how amazing photography as an art form can be. To all those from around the world, who bought our signed and limited museum quality prints, supported us from day one and kept believing in our vision: we want to thank you from the bottom of our heart!

The world of art is a creative heartbeat that is kept alive by all sorts of impulses. Whether it’s the proper artistic education, that one recommendation of an influential collector or that publicity stunt that changed it all. There are just so many massive factors at play that from time to time the inner light of all this appears to get overshadowed. 

What this magazine and its core beliefs boil down to is the mere essence and most important driver of breathtaking fine art: bursts of passion. Merging technical excellence with the eye, heart and soul into a creative symbiosis of light and genuine emotion is what makes us leap for joy. Bringing out your inner core as an artist let’s you truly forget the world around you - and that’s what NEOPRIME strives to recreate. Forget what was and what will be for a moment and dive deep into the infinite depths of contemporary fine art photography.

Although digital photography has largely taken over and the new era of presenting art is backed by ones and zeros, this magazine takes one humble step back. It is committed to create a timeless stage for the highly talented creative minds behind the breathtaking fine art photography you are about to experience in this magazine. No matter where the paths of our featured artists may take them, one thing will always remain: that at this moment in time, they created something extraordinarily special that deserves to be recognised for good.

As an International Fine Arts Label, NEOPRIME deeply cares for photographers from all four corners of the world. That’s why you’ll find artists from a wide range of countries in the magazine. Germany, USA, Netherlands, Scotland and England are only a few of those. As for the background of these artists, we want to make something perfectly clear. We certainly appreciate the value of an arts degree, but we’ll always judge an artist by the degree how much eye, heart and soul he pours into his photography.

With that said, enjoy the new prime of Contemporary Fine Art Photography!