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Brandon Kidwell: The Interview

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Join Brandon Kidwell on his creative journey through his own mind and life around him. Whether you call his photography mystical or surreal, it’s certainly one thing: incredible! But what is Brandon actually like? Find out in our little interview with him.


Hey Brandon, nice to have you here on NEOPRIME. Welcome! So would you like to tell us when you started shooting?

I have always been interested in and involved in art in some form but didn’t start with photography as a passion until late 2012.

Let's talk about gear. Besides your eye, heart & soul, which gear do you usually use?

My current tools include a Canon 5D Mark III, a Fuji X100s, and an iPhone 5 and two speed lights that I enjoy finding creative ways to use especially during the short sunlit days of winter.

Obviously you love photography, what ist it that you love the most about it?

I have already realized that I will never capture what I see and feel with my heart but I will always strive for it.

You're shooting for some time now. What would you think photography has taught you so far?

To take my time and that no detail is too small. Everything is important to the overall story that you trying to tell.

Imagine you could only take one more photo (whatever the reason), what would it be of?

My family, without a doubt.

What is your favorite place in the world to take photos?

I don’t have a favorite physical location outside of one that contains loved ones. After that I’d say any place with interesting people. I’d love to see beautiful places but without someone to share them with and enjoy that moment you’re trying so hard to capture, it’s just a pretty place to me and ultimately lacking in meaning... but pretty.

Do you have an ultimate photography dream and what is it about?

A self portrait of myself swimming inside a giant clear fermentation tank of beer ready to be bottled surrounded by all of my loved ones raising a pint to love of life. We can all dream right!

What do you like to do when you are not shooting?

Spending time with my family.

Artworks by Brandon Kidwell