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London Calling! Maximinimal at the Sony World Photography Award Exhibition 2015

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Marius at Somerset House London

Marius at Somerset House London


On May 1st Martin and I both flew to London, because my artwork Maximinimal was exhibited at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition 2015 in the Somerset House in London from April 24th till May 10th 2015. Let me tell you the story of how Maximinimal made it from Sydney all the way to London.

In spring 2014 I was traveling through Australia. Perth, Fremantle, Alice Springs, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road, you name it. Loved it there and I’ll definitely come back again. While in Sydney I went to the Gallery of New South Wales as any responsible artist that has no clue about art would do. 

When I went into the building, the first thing that struck my attention was this gorgeous huge piece of art by Robert Owen. It was so rich in colors and contrasts that I had to create something of my own there. While my friends saw the exhibition, I wanted to create the exact opposite of his artwork with my piece of the puzzle. I waited for 1.5 hours to find the final piece that completed the idea I had. A blue jacket wouldn’t work, a black dress wouldn’t work - it had to be a person with stripes in black and white to create the perfect contrast. And after more than 90 minutes this wonderful woman gazed at the artwork just like I did and hit the shutter.

I loved Maximinimal so much that I submitted it to the Sony World Photography Awards 2015. Around 180.000 photographers took part, almost 80.000 in the open category. I had to read the mail twice when they told me that I made it to the shortlist in Arts & Culture - the Top 8! I still can’t believe it, but it happened and I’m so grateful for this experience.

Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition. However, the people from the World Photography Organization loved it so much that they wanted to use it to advertise for the exhibition. They told me there would be a billboard with my artwork - so Martin and I packed our bags to check out where it was:


Amsterdam London: Sony World Photography Awards 2015 with MAXIMINIMAL


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