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Thank You For 10 Amazing Days

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After working day and night for 3 months NEOPRIME finally launched 10 days ago. It’s been an amazing one and a half weeks so far and we are truly grateful for all the amazing feedback we’ve received from the United States to New Zealand. We know that all of this wouldn’t be possible without you.

And that’s why we want to say thank you!

Thank you Firework Marius Vieth

First Artworks Signed and Shipped

Although it’s only been 10 days, we want to tell you how happy we are and thank you all. First of all we want to thank the amazing people who got themselves a signed and limited artwork from the art market. You want to know why these people are amazing? Because they’ve done something wonderful for themselves and others. They supported an artist to live his dream and capture the beautiful things that make life worthwile. Thanks to their purchase, we are able to help and support aspiring artists worldwide. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve created something wonderful for people in need, since 3% of every sale go to good causes. The artworks are already on their way and we are sure they’ll enjoy them in their wonderful home! By the way, in case someone knows a great organization or good cause, we are always happy about suggestions in the comments or at

NEOPRIME Arcrylic Glass Sample Urban Lights
NEOPRIME Arcrylic Glass Sample Retina

Almost 100 Talents in the NEOPRIME TALENTPOOL

Within 10 days already 88 awesome talents joined the NEOPRIME: TALENTPOOL. You’ve contributed some amazing photography so far, which has already been featured on our social channels. Keep up the great work and show people why photography is a breathtaking form of art. A huge thanks to the amazing photographers who send us their portfolios as well. We are happy to have you all at our side and look forward to signing fresh talents in the near future. For those who don’t know what the NEOPRIME: TALENTPOOL is. We are always looking for new talents for the label. Posting up to two photos per week in Talentpool helps us discover great talents. If you wan to find out more, click here.

NEORPIME Marius Vieth Australie for Thank you Article

Let’s connect all the amazing 365 photographers

We also want to show our gratitude for all the great feedback we’ve gotten for THE STORY OF NEOPRIME and THE ULTIMATE 365 GUIDE PART I. Since we both love the idea of the 365 project and want to connect people who do the same, we just created NEOPRIME: 365. A Flickr group where people can upload their daily shots, share them with fellow 365ers and help and inspire each other. You are in the middle of a 365 project or about to start one? Go ahead and join now!

We can’t emphasize enough how thankful we are to have you at our side. We pour all our heart and soul into NEOPRIME and are so happy to see it grow. We know it’s only been one of a thousand miles so far, but with you at our side it’s already a milestone.

Thank you so much!