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The Story Of Neoprime

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The most glorious tales of our time are usually written about the bravest of all heroes. This story, however, is merely about two cubicle workers who dreamed of nothing more than finally dedicating life to photography.

A life changing journey down a road we had never dared to take before!
The Story of NEOPRIME 1

We knew that we didn’t have any means besides our passion for photography. Both our families saw art as some untouchable thing that won’t pay the rent. Neither did we have art degrees, nor could any of our friends help us make our first steps. To be honest, we were totally lost out there, but we knew we had to start somewhere.

With nothing on our hands we gathered all our courage to face this mysterious world of art that almost appeared untouchable. Before we took off, we read as much as possible about the art world. Packed with knowledge and our portfolios we took off to climb the first peak to make our dream come true.

The Story of NEOPRIME 2
There are so many talented photographers out there, but barely anyone seems to notice.

During the long way up it surprised us how little online photographic communities like Flickr are connected with the art world. Even if you’ve reached the 99+ barrier, have 10.000 views per upload and thousands of contacts worldwide, nothing really happens. There is almost no one from the art community who discovers your talent, although there is amazing talent out there. It appeared to us as if art is still something that mainly happens offline. Isn’t that incredible? You pour all your heart and soul into getting an audience online, but the people who could actually help you become an artist probably won’t even discover you here.

The Story of NEOPRIME 3

So we did what most artists do: we got in touch with galerists and art dealers to show them our portfolio and how much we love photography. Here’s how it works:

When galerists love your work, they basically just hang it up in their gallery, organize exhibitions and show it to potential art buyers. With art dealers it works similarly. They usually send out catalogues with your art among many others to thousands of potential buyers. These are two popular ways to get yourself on the art market. Was this the destination we were desperately looking for? We felt that this might be a path worth taking, but it just didn’t feel right.

The Story of NEOPRIME 4

Deep in the artsy fox’s burrow we looked around, looked at each other and asked ourselves one important, but scary question: Why do we still feel like outsiders in this world we’ve gotten to know? No matter how much we tried to blend in, it still felt strange and unfamiliar to us. There were just too many quirks and things we couldn’t get used to without losing ourselves.

The Story of NEOPRIME 5

After many clueless miles we came to a conclusion. Our journey wasn’t over, it just hasn’t even started yet! Although it felt like we lost everything, we realized that we still have all we need: our dream. We still wanted nothing more than dedicating our lives to photography and that kept us going. After hours of thinking we reached a point where we got a different perspective on our journey.

The Story of NEOPRIME 8
Isn’t photography the most simple and beautiful language we all share?

We decided to start from scratch and thought about all the things we loved about fine art. It is simply amazing that photography can be created everywhere between the four corners of the world, even in the corners. You don’t even need expensive gear, because the most important gear will always be your eyes, heart and soul. Photography is something universal that doesn’t know borders. It even let’s us travel in time and captures the beauty of everyday life.

The Story of NEOPRIME 6
That’s when we knew we had to establish NEOPRIME, an international fine arts label that is truly committed to aspiring talents and breathtaking photography from all over the world.

With these beliefs at heart we decided to return to the place we’ve truly grown familiar with and love most. Without the Internet and our many companions from all over the planet we would’ve never been able to show what photography truly means to us in the first place. So why not take art to this wonderful place that knows no borders and unites us all just like art itself does?

To us it’s the true place it belongs, starts and makes its way nowadays! We are deeply connected with the online photography community where we’ve gotten to know many aspiring photographers from all over the world. There are just so many photographers like us who face the same situation we were in before our journey. 

The Story of NEOPRIME 7
If a certain signature constantly stands out of the crowd, it deserves to get more exposure.

NEOPRIME will give upcoming photographers from all over the globe the stage they deserve. In order to discover new talents, we created the NEOPRIME Talentpool. Everyone who thinks his or her photography deserves to be seen by a broader audience, can join the Talentpool and submit two outstanding photos per week. We’ll go through all submissions and feature the most amazing submissions in the NEOPRIME MAGAZINE on the website. What constitutes an artist more than anything else is his very own signature. That’s why the Talentpool is a highly interesting and effective way to find aspiring talents.

Get Signed Picture for Story of NEOPRIME

We know there are incredible talents out there that can’t wait to finally get the audience they deserve, and we will do everything in our power to find them. Once we discover someone that creates breathtaking photography with its very own signature and vision, we will offer him or her the chance to get signed at NEOPRIME.

As a signed artist you’ll enjoy several amazing advantages to get your career started. First of all, you’ll be able to sell your best works in the NEOPRIME ART MARKET as limited and signed high quality fine art prints worldwide. To make this happen, we work closely together with WHITEWALL, an award winning (47 and counting) print production company from Germany that meets and exceeds all the standards we demand for your prints. 

For a fair cut of the profit we are taking care of everything for you ranging from production, marketing, licensing, certification, communication with partners, PR, customer relations, support and shipping so that you can truly focus on what you love doing most: 

creating incredible photography.

Marius Vieth Youniverse for Story of NEOPRIME

Besides making your photography available for purchase to art lovers worldwide, we know how hard it is for photographers to finally reach a broader audience. That’s why we will also help you with marketing and PR. As a signed artists you not only get your permanent artist page on this site, you will also be able to regularly publish exciting articles about your photography in the NEOPRIME MAGAZINE. On top of that we’ll promote your photography on all our social channels to help you grow and sell your prints.

The NEOPRIME MAGAZINE is especially close to our hearts, because it’s the most personal and intimate element of the label. You’ll get exclusive insights into the minds of incredible artists from around the world. Because although a picture paints a thousand words, isn’t it amazing to hear these from the artist himself? The magazine will be carefully curated and will feature established as well as young and upcoming international photographers that create breathtaking photography.

On top of that the magazine will showcase the most amazing submissions from the NEOPRIME TALENTPOOL. Every week we will go through all photos and feature the best in the magazine. It’s all about giving highly talented photographers the stage they deserve.

We are convinced that if you love to capture the beautiful things in life, it will feel even better to create more beautiful things for people in need. That’s why NEOPRIME will donate 3% of every sold piece of art to charity.

Which kind of charity is up to you! If you know a great organization or cause we are always happy about suggestions. Just send us a mail to

The Story of NEOPRIME 9

These first lonely miles have already been amazing, but having you at our side from now on makes the journey truly worth the 1000 miles. There are just so many things passionate photographers can contribute to the world of art, and believe us, we can’t wait to walk all the extra miles it’s gonna take to make all this happen for you.

But before we walk one more mile, we want to show our gratitude to each and everyone of our photographer friends from all over the world. In the end it was you who gave us the inspiration and courage to lose sight of the shore and set sails to new horizons.

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Thank you so much!

Marius & Martin