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Tomasz Szatewicz: The Interview

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There’s people who simply take photos of the world around them and there’s Tomasz. Experience the raw and unfiltered essence of nature through the eyes of Tomasz Szatewicz. But what is Tomasz actually like? Find out in our little interview with him


Hey Tomasz, nice to have you here on NEOPRIME. Welcome! First of all, would you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born 37 years ago in northern-east polish town Mragowo, in the heart of Masurian Lake District and grew up surrounded by nature, forests lakes and meadows... I have gained MA degree in Fine Arts and worked for years as a graphic designer but photography was always the media that fascinated me the most. I started to travel, work and live in various places around the UK since I was 22 and I fell in love with Scottish Landscapes. I live in Inverness, the capital of Scottish Highlands, between some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Would you like to tell us when you started shooting?

During primary school I have attended photography course with my schoolmates and I used to take photographs with ‘prehistoric’ analog cameras such as Zenit and Smena and spent many hours processing films and prints in old-fashioned darkrooms. It was a trully magical experience and I got hooked on photography. I enjoyed taking photographs over the years as a hobby but after buying my first DSLR it began more serious chapter. Passion for photography grew in me over the years and lead to professional photography under the name ‘Land of Light’.

Let's talk about gear a bit. Besides your eye, heart & soul, which gear do you usually use?

I was shooting with Canon DSLR cameras for the last 10 years but recently it’s mainly Nikon D610 with various lenses, set of ND & polarizer filters. I like to be creative and experiment so in my photo bag among the ‘HQ’ filters I have few strange and cheap filters that produce some interesting and unexpected results under various light & weather conditions. I think it is much more challenging, interesting and inspiring to experiment when shooting rather than in front of the computer screen.

Obviously you love photography, what ist it that you love the most about it?

Ability to ‘freeze’ the moment, to catch the unique atmosphere, mood, light, something that will never look the same again, even if it’s the same subject everything else changes all the time, the light, conditions, colours, textures all constantly change and make every shot a unique piece of work. There is something magical about photography, it can freeze the time or capture passing of time when taking long exposure shots, something that we are not able to see otherwise, it’s almost like capturing another dimension that we can only see through the camera. When I often hear from viewers they got inspired by my images to travel and visit the places or they can imagine themselves in the captured scene, almost smell the air or hear the wind in trees or water rushing in the river it is the most amazing feedback and for me it means I did a pretty good job.

You're shooting for some time now. What would you think photography has taught you so far?

Believe in yourself, do what you love, what you’re passionate about and what inspires you, be honest when you’re doing it and don’t follow trends. It taught me to see things that I didn’t see before or I didn’t pay enough attention to. I always had great appreciation and respect for nature, environment and weather and photography helps to remind myself how important they are in everyday life. It helps me to improve and grow as a human being and as a creative person (or ‘artist’ if you prefer). It also taught me to spend more time with my loved ones, without the camera.

Imagine you could only take one more photo (whatever the reason), what would it be of?

My loved ones, they are always the most important.

What is your favorite place in the world to take photos?

The Scottish Highlands, never get enough of it, there’s so much to discover and explore around every corner, such variety of landscapes, textures and subjects, unique light and weather conditions, ever-changing, challenging and very inspiring.

Do you have an ultimate photography dream and what is it about?

To be able to entirley focus and make living doing photography full time which is quite difficult in reality.

What do you like to do when you are not shooting?

I love to spend time with my family, from time to time I like to cut myself off from any electronic devices and spend some time just camping, hiking, swimming in lakes, sitting by bonfire and listening to the sounds of nature... I love to compose music and collect sounds which I record in various places and often mix them with my music. I also used to draw and paint pictures unfortunately there is not enough time for everything these days...

Artworks by Tomasz Szatewicz

...more artworks by Tomasz will be available very soon!