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Welcome to NEOPRIME: Brandon & Tomasz!

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We’ve been looking for incredible talents ever since we signed Grant Hugh Jones and John Westrock. Although there are a lot of great photographers out there, we wanted to find true excellence. After such a long time we finally found two that not only create breathtaking photography, but also fit the minimalist fine art style of NEOPRIME.

We’re very proud to present Tomasz Szatewicz and Brandon Kidwell.


We initially discovered Brandon on Flickr and eventually through an article on PetaPixel. His thoughts behind his photography and the way he expresses them are exceptional. It’s fine art photographers like Brandon who perfectly unite technical knowledge with eye, heart and soul! If you want to learn more about Brandon, his photography and his love for his family, check out the Interview with him.


While we were roaming Facebook for highly talented photographer, we luckily stumbled upon Tomasz Szatewicz and his unique photography. We initially fell in love with his raw and minimalist style. The way he captures the essence of nature is simply phenomenal. We are incredibly happy to have him on board, represent his art and get inspired by him from now on. Make sure to check out our interview with Tomasz where he tells us more about his roots in Eastern-Poland and dream home in the Scottish Highlands!


Stay tuned for more incredible artists! We're talking to some heavily talented photographers right now!