International Fine Arts Label

Signed & Limited

NEOPRIME Documents
Certificate of authenticity

"Something so incredibly personal and special as photography should be treated like that."

Instead of selling endless amounts of prints, we are offering strictly limited editions exclusively at NEOPRIME.

These collector’s items are exciting for the artist and the art buyer. You are one of a few people on the whole world that own a particular piece of art. Because once an edition is sold out, it will never get printed again. So don’t wait too long to get the print you really want to have, because after it’s sold out you could only buy it from other art lovers who own it. That’s where the increase in value originates. To give you the absolute certainty that you are the owner of a NEOPRIME original, you'll get a certificate of authenticity signed by the the artist. 

It takes longer and demands more effort for us, but that’s simply what an exclusive piece of art in your home deserves.

When you get your first piece of art from NEOPRIME, take a quiet moment and look at it thoroughly. You will start to feel all the endless miles the photographer walked for this. The hours he froze on the cold and windy streets looking for everyday beauty. The days where he desperately failed to bring his vision to life and the ones where he picked himself up to try again. You are not only getting a piece of art, you are getting a piece of all the struggles, insecurities, leaps of faith, countless miles and sparks of inspiration the artist poured in there.