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Tomasz Szatewicz

There’s people who simply take photos of the world around them and there’s Tomasz. Experience the raw and unfiltered essence of nature through the eyes of Thomas Szatewicz.
— Marius & Martin


The story behind Tomasz

I was born in a small town and grew up  surrounded by forests, lakes, rivers and meadows. This close connection to nature was always very important to me and inspire all of my creative works to date. I have started taking and processing photographs in my primary school days. Passion for photography grew in me over the years and lead to professional photography. The recognition and fantastic response I receive from viewers all over the world convinced me that I have chosen the right path.

I love great outdoors, nature, hiking and being 'lost' in the wilderness. Physically and mentally it is always a very refreshing and uplifting experience. Living in Inverness, the capital of Scottish Highlands gives me the opportunity to explore, witness and photograph some of the most spectacular landscapes.

In my work I always try to catch something 'special' - unique atmosphere of places, ever-changing scottish light and weather, inspiring compositions, colours, shapes and textures. 



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